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*所有 頭盔/頭盔配件/內衣產品/減價貨品 均不設退換

**所有 外觀瑕疵不屬於產品功能缺憾 一律不設退換

"This service involves the D-air® airbag replacement after activation in the Smart Jacket. The cost of the service includes the contribution for return shipping expenses, inspection, repair and sanitization of the product (Dainese Policy).

HOW DOES IT WORK?: Once Dainese has seen the D-air® airbag replacement Smart jacket request via order on our website, the Dainese Consumer Care Team will contact you and provide you with a label for a courier in order to send the garment to the Dainese After Sales center in Italy.


Before sending the garment, make sure to set the garment to shipping mode.


On average, Dainese will take between 10 days and two weeks from picking up the garment from the customer to inspection, airbag replacement and sending back to you. It may take longer if extra repairs need to be done.


The airbag will only be changed following a thorough inspection of the garment. Dainese shall inspect and assess the garment, and establish whether further repairs to leather/fabric are needed when damaged after activation and falling. In particular, if the damage relates to the airbag opening area, restoring the damaged sections will be mandatory in addition to replacing the airbag. In this case, Dainese will provide an additional quote for the expense beyond the airbag replacement price.

Should more than one repair service be purchased for the same garment, there will in any case be no refund of the contribution for shipping expenses.

Garments returned must be completely clean. Otherwise, in order to proceed with the repair, Dainese will indicate that the Full Cleaning Service is required and make a charge for these service costs in addition to the selected service. In the course of garment inspection, Dainese will indicate any states/conditions that may make processing the garment difficult and/or risky and/or incomplete.

D-air® products returned must be complete and free from any form of tampering and/or alteration or any change. The addition of patches, labels or other items on any part of the garment – electronics and/or on leather/fabric – shall also be considered a change/alteration. Any such changes made by third parties without authorization by Dainese will be considered as tampering and will void the warranty for the product and all of its components. Any restoration/repair may involve the replacement of whole sections of the product to restore it to its initial configuration. This assessment is entrusted solely to Dainese, which will establish how to proceed or may also reject the request for assistance of any kind should the current condition of the garment not permit.

Should the damage relate to very large areas of the D-air® product, resulting in the safety of the product being compromised, Dainese may reject the request to restore the airbag and surrounding areas and suggest replacement of the entire product.
Dainese will send back the garment to the customer without fulfiling the Service originally requested. A partial refund will be issued as Dainese will keep the contribution for the shipping costs.
Contact our Consumer Care team for any information.

Please contact our Consumer Care Team for further information. "

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