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*所有 頭盔/頭盔配件/內衣產品/減價貨品 均不設退換

**所有 外觀瑕疵不屬於產品功能缺憾 一律不設退換

DESTINATION LAYER JACKET is the Dainese mid layer in Polartec® Power Air™, designed for maximum comfort when riding, in all weather conditions and on any terrain.

Destination Layer Jacket is designed to be worn under a motorcycle jacket as a mid-layer, and in comfort when the trip is over and you’re off the bike. Maximum comfort, softness and versatility, to accompany you in every adventure. The garment is windproof and has two convenient side pockets.

Polartec® Power Air™ is the revolutionary knitted fabric that encapsulates micro air pockets. Polartec® Power Air™ technology means that the Dainese Destination Layer allows excellent maintenance of body heat and substantial reduction in microfiber lost over time. The construction is designed for maximum thermal efficiency, shedding out into the environment up to five times less than other premium mid-layers, so it keeps you warm for longer with less impact on the planet.

Destination Layer Jacket is designed to complement the jackets in the Dainese adventure touring collection, and is compatible with all Dainese touring jackets.


Thermal fabric

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